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Following the death of a partner, a new benefits check will need to be carried out as your existing benefits may be affected or you may be entitled to additional benefits.

Two pairs of hands touching to offer comfort.You need to inform the Social Security office to avoid either underpayment or overpayment of benefits. You will now become a single claimant and this could influence benefit entitlement or rate.

Furthermore, if you have less money coming in as a result of your partner's death, you may be entitled to additional benefits or additional amounts of your existing benefits.

However, if your capital or savings increase as a result of your partner’s death, you may lose your entitlement to benefits.

Insensitivity and mistakes can be a problem when a person is bereaved. Some people, for example, receive overpayments for their deceased spouse and have felt that they are then treated as if they have committed fraud.

It is imperative that people let the Social Security offices know that you are bereaved to try to avoid such overpayments. There have been other cases where letters continue to be sent to a person following bereavement and this can be extremely upsetting.

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Bereavement and State Pension

If you are receiving State Retirement Pension (SRP) based on their own National Insurance contributions, you may be entitled to an increase based on your late partner’s contributions.

If you are not entitled to SRP in your own right, you may be able to claim SRP based entirely on your late partner's contributions.

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Bereavement and Carer’s Allowance/Income Support/Pension Credit

If you were getting Carer’s Allowance, Carer’s Addition/Premium of Pension Credit or Income Support for caring for the person who has died, you will continue to be entitled to this for up to 8 weeks after bereavement as long as you continue to qualify.

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Bereavement Benefits and Help with Costs

If you are married or in a civil partnership and your partner dies, you may be able to get extra financial help through bereavement benefits such as:

Bereavement Payment

Bereavement Support Payment

Bereavement Allowance

Widowed Parent’s Allowance

Help With Funeral Costs

Help with funeral costs can also be claimed from the Social Fund.

Seek Advice

You may find it particularly helpful to speak with a Benefits Adviser at this trying time.

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