Crisis Loan


If you need financial help with an emergency or disaster you may be able to get a Crisis Loan.  You can also receive a Crisis Loan for short term needs.  You will have to pay a Crisis Loan back, but you will not have to pay interest. A Crisis Loan is not viewed as income for any other Benefits. 


You can apply for a Crisis Loan if you:

  • are aged 16 or over
  • you don't have enough money to meet your (or your family's) immediate short term needs in an emergency or as the result of a disaster
  • think there will be serious damage or risk to your (or your family's) health or safety without the loan

What you may receive

There is no standard amount for a Crisis Loan as the amount you may be able to borrow will depend on:

  • Your individual circumstances
  • Any savings you have
  • Whether you have any unpaid loans from the Social Fund

How Crisis Loans are Paid

The loan is paid into a bank, building society or other account provider's account such as a Post Office Account

How do you repay it?

If you qualify for a Crisis Loan you'll need to agree how you are going to pay it back before you receive it.

An adviser at your Social Security or Jobs & Benefits office will talk to you and agree a repayment plan with you that you can afford. If you're on benefit, the loan is normally repaid out of your normal benefit payments.

How to apply

You can make a claim by printing out a claim form and filling it in or asking for a hard copy from your local Jobs and Benefits Office. When you have filled in the form you can either:

You can also use the Crisis Loan Claim Line. A Social Fund officer will process your claim over the telephone, however, on occassion you may be asked to complete the application by attending a face to face interview.

For more information on Crisis Loans  you can visit NI Direct.