Safety and Security


We all wish to live safe and secure lives at home and within our community.

An older lady looks out here window.Crimes against older people can have a devastating effect.

On average, though, you are less likely to be the victim of crime when compared to other age groups. Nevertheless, these statistics take no account of the fear of crime or worries you may have for your personal safety as you become older.

You should recognise that the fear of crime too can have severe effects on your health, impacting on your physical and mental well-being.

If you live in isolation, this fear is heightened. Concerns about your safety may lead you to reduce your levels of physical activity or social interactivity. You will then become less confident and more isolated, beginning a vicious circle that may prevent you from living a fulfilling life.

This section, therefore, will help you improve your confidence regarding your personal safety. It will also help you feel more secure in your own home and highlight initiatives in our community that aim to combat crime and the fear of crime.