What is POPNI?

POP NI is the web portal for older people in Northern Ireland. A web portal is a website designed especially to draw together relevant information from all over the wonderful world of the web and make it easy to access.

So, POP NI gathers all the information that could be of direct relevance to older people in the north of Ireland, their families or those who work with them.

Why use it?

Your Rights

With the support of charitable organisations across Northern Ireland, you now have at your finger-tips a wealth of information about:

  • Groups where older people can socialise, learn and have fun
  • Where you can get free and independent advice and support in your local area
  • Current news or upcoming events across the country
  • What are the issues affecting older people today in Northern Ireland and what we are doing to tackle them

Who can use it?

Money matters

POP NI is for you. What makes Pop NI so innovative and useful, though, is that you can make the website work for you and claim it as your own.

Organisations and individuals alike can upload information such as group meetings and events and post it on POP NI.

This could not be easier! All you have to do is sign up first of all and then create a group.

You will also be able to connect with people and organisations who share the same interests or who can offer support.