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29/01/2015 - 16:48

Older people on lower incomes and living in deprived areas across the island of Ireland have considerably worse health than better off people of the same age, according to a study by researchers from Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin.

This may be linked to differences in health behaviours, especially smoking and physical inactivity. The research, led by Dr Eibhlin Hudson and funded by the Centre for Ageing Research and Development in Ireland (CARDI), explores these differences by analysing existing datasets in Ireland, North and South.

The findings show that older people on low incomes are more likely to smoke and have insufficient exercise. In contrast regular alcohol consumption is more common among those on high incomes.

When comparing Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland the research found that smoking rates among people aged 50+ are similar (18% and 17% respectively). Many older people north and south do not have enough exercise but low physical activity is much more common in Northern Ireland (54%) than in the Republic of Ireland (30%).

The research also highlighted the particular vulnerability of older people who are single or widowed and disabled or in poor health. People aged 50+ who are single, widowed or separated/divorced are more likely to smoke and have low levels of exercise.

Dr Eibhlin Hudson, lead researcher, said:

“When examining datasets on health among older people in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland it is apparent that lower incomes are associated with poorer health and certain health-related behaviours such as smoking and low levels of physical activity. The research also highlighted that vulnerable older people may need to be targeted to help improve health outcomes in these groups.”

Dr Roger O’Sullivan, Director of CARDI, welcomed the findings:

“This research clearly illustrates the inequalities that exist in health behaviours and health outcomes in the older population. It contributes to a growing body of evidence that policy actions should be targeted at low income and other vulnerable groups to help improve the health and quality of life of older people in Ireland, North and South.”

Further Information

The research team consisted of Dr Eibhlin Hudson, Trinity College Dublin (now with Novartis); Professor David Madden, University College Dublin and Dr Irene Mosca, Trinity College Dublin. The full report is entitled ‘Examining inequalities in health and health behaviours’ (Hudson et al., 2014).

CARDI has prepared a research brief ‘Inequalities in health behaviours’ which summarises the main report and spells out some of the implications for policy and practice (link).

For more information contact Paul McGill at CARDI, tel: 00 44 28 9069 0066 or email:

26/01/2015 - 13:18

One simple way to keep your home feeling cosy all year round is by making sure you insulate your loft and cavity walls. 

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05/12/2014 - 10:36

Age NI and BBC NI are making a timely appeal and asking a simple question... Are you playing your part?

Age NI and BBC logo for Playing Our PartAge NI and BBC NI are working in partnership this Christmas on Playing Our Part, an appeal to celebrate the positive contribution older people make to society, while recognising the challenges that some older people face.

You can play your part by volunteering your time to support older people across Northern Ireland.

Further Information

Play your part and volunteer with Age NI - telephone 028 9024 5729


02/12/2014 - 12:54

Do you work with older people in Northern Ireland? POP NI project manager, Ciarán Arthurs, writes how POP NI can help you and your organisation.

POP NI is an online community guide for older people in Northern Ireland but what makes it unique is that you can control what information is on it.

Therefore you and your group or organisation can have an immediate web presence. POP NI is free-to-use for everyone and should make it a lot easier:

- To find/promote relevant information regarding rights, entitlements and independent advice

- To find/promote older people’s groups and organisations, from the smallest book club to the largest charity

- To find/promote activities and services in the local area

- To find/promote events and courses across the province

- To connect and share information and news online

All you have to do is simply sign up with your name and address, add your group's details and you ar free to add articles and events. Easy peasy!

Spread the Word 

We are raising awareness of the project so it would be great if you could share far and wide as the more organisations and groups that add their details, the easier it will be for older people to find them and use their services.


I am also free to travel across NI to showcase the site and its benefits to groups and organisations.

02/12/2014 - 11:22

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Older people on lower incomes and living in deprived areas across...