What Are These?


You can connect with us and with each other online within the Rights 4 Seniors' website.

Due to the power of the web we can interact with each other and publish our thoughts for all to see within this website.

Rights 4 Seniors allows you to:

  • Leave comments on our blog
  • Browse subjects of interest, ask questions or give your opinion on our forum

Blog and Forum?

A blog, or web log, is an interactive online journal or diary. Here you will be able to read whatever we write about or "post" and then leave your own commentary. Other visitors to Rights 4 Seniors will also be able to see what you have written and leave their own views.

For further information on blogs and blogging, visit the Wikipedia website. 

An internet forum, also known as a message board, allows you to follow or join discussions about any subject. Within Rights 4 Seniors, we may have questions asked or answered about a range of subjects from health matters to social activities for seniors.

For further information on internet forums, visit the Wikipedia website.

To interact on the Rights 4 Seniors blog and forum, you must register with us or log-in if you already have. This is free of charge and will take no time at all. It will also open the door to more detailed information if that is what you wish to access.  

Furthermore, we have created our own Rights 4 Seniors' pages on the Facebook and Twitter social media sites.

Facebook and Twitter?

Firstly, "social media" allows you to interact with any given number of people online. Again, thanks to the power of web-based technologies, this allows us to create and exchange content. It means that we can engage with like-minded people anywhere in the world (as long as they are online) to share our thoughts, ideas and opinions.

Facebook iconFacebook is a website that is built around this idea of an online social network of people. It allows you to add "friends", share messages or show support for groups, organisations and causes.

Register for Facebook free of charge and you can then interact with our Rights 4 Seniors Facebook Page.

Twitter iconTwitter also allows you to build social networks online via micro-blogging. You have 140 characters to say what you want (these posts are known as tweets). You reach out to people by "following" what they are posting.

Register for Twitter free of charge and you can then interact with our Rights 4 Seniors Twitter Page.