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At Rights 4 Seniors and Advice NI we are committed to ensuring that this website is accessible to everyone, regardless of technology or ability.

While we adhere to World Wide Web Consortium Accessibility Standards and have tested the website thoroughly prior to release, we continue to investigate ways of increasing accessibility and usability.

If you encounter difficulties using this site, please don’t hesitate to contact us and make us aware of the issue. Rights 4 Seniors has been designed to completely facilitate re-sizing text or changing the background colour. Please go to the Display Options at the top of each page to choose what would personally suit you.

None of our content includes blinking text or images.

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Top Accessibility Tip

Ctrl and '=' or Ctrl and '-' to zoom in or out

Holding down the 'Crtl' key and pressing either = or - keys will re-size the complete site.

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More on Re-sizing the View

A common technique in improving accessibility is to use relative font sizes and to allow the user to increase or decrease the relative index. Allowing the user to re-size the text is a major accessibility feature but when panels, images and other components are not re-sized proportionately this method can often result in a messy and therefore confusing presentation. We have designed this web application to allow components to re-size proportionately. When the 'Crtl' and '=' zoom in keys are hit the layout will enlarge but not distort.

The My Computer My Way website offers a guide to making your PC accessible. It offers help with seeing the screen, using your keyboard and mouse, and with language and reading.

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If you prefer, though, you can have the web pages within Rights 4 Seniors read out to you. If you have speakers or ear-phones, click on the target link above left to listen to these words.

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