To help plan for retirement it is essential to understand both The Old and the  New State Pension Scheme. 

You can use our website to give you a better understanding of the old state pension and the qualifying conditions to ensure you are receiving the correct amount if you reached retirement age before 6th April 2016.  

You can also find out information on the New State Pension Scheme and qualifying conditions that you need to meet before you can claim all or part of it when you retire.   If you reached State Pension Age before 6th April 2016, you may receive an Additional State Pension due to your earnings or individual needs. If you have a private pension, please refer to your individual provider. We show you what you need to do to claim your state pensioand help answer any questions that you may have regarding your particular situation. You may wonder what effect working after pension age will have on your entitlement when you retire or you may wish to defer payment of your pension. Otherwise, if you are working or retiring abroad or plan to, you will need to prepare for the effects it may have on your entitlement.

The New State Pension Scheme will replace the old State Retirement Pension (SRP) scheme with a new single tier amount based on 35 qualifying years of paying national insurance contributions.

The single tier pension will be based on individual qualification; individuals will not be able to inherit pensions from their spouse/partner under the new scheme.  Their will, however, be transitional protection for those who have contributions under the old scheme.

Going into hospital or care

Your State Retirement Pension will be paid in full the whole time that you are in hospital regardless of the length of your stay. It can also be paid if you go into care.

Related Information

You can find out more information on pensions on NI Direct or you can contact the Pension Service directly.