Preparing for Assessment


You should be involved in the assessment of your needs so that your wishes are taken into account. Therefore, you should prepare for an assessment to ensure that your needs are fully understood and can, therefore, be fully met.

Ideas about how to prepare for an assessment include the following:

  • Have a friend, relative or carer present during the assessment. They can offer support and mention things you may have forgotten.
  • Keep a diary for a week prior to the assessment detailing times and type of help required.
  • Provide as much detail as possible – the person carrying out the assessment will not know your individual needs.
  • Draw up a checklist of activities where help is required.
  • Draw up a list of services or equipment which may be useful.
  • If you have communication difficulties, special arrangements should be made.


A couple are preparing for an assessment of needs.Northern Ireland Single Assessment Tool (NISAT)

The Department of Health has developed this single assessment tool to assess the needs of older people.

It aims to simplify access to community care services for older people and provide a standardized approach to assessment.


Please Note

An assessment should not be carried out over the phone or by letter as needs must be properly and thoroughly assessed in person.

For similar reasons, you should not sign their assessment unless you are entirely happy that it accurately records your views.