Appeal a Decision


When you receive notification from the Pension Service about your pension, it should give details about what to do if you think the decision is wrong.

If you disagree with amount, you can challenge this by asking for a reconsideration. If you are still not satisfied, you can appeal the decision.

There is a one month time limit for lodging an application for a reconsideration which can only be extended in certain circumstances. This one month deadline can be extended to six weeks if you have requested a statement of reasons from the Pension Service.

Although not strictly necessary, it is best to apply in writing and seek help from a benefits adviser when possible. It is also best to state clearly the reasons why you are applying for a reconsideration, for example, if you think some fact has been overlooked.

Revised Decision

You can also send a copy of any evidence you have to back up your application. A decision can only be revised if it was wrong at the time it was made. A revised decision replaces the original decision, so your benefit can be fully backdated.

Superseded Decision

A decision is superseded where there is some change not known at the time of the original decision. Therefore, if your circumstances change at a later date and this alters your entitlement to pension, you can ask for a supersession of the award of pension.

A supersession creates a new decision and any change in benefit applies from the date of the supersession.


It is best to keep copies of all letters sent and received.