An adaptation is work carried out to make your home more suitable for you if you have a disability.

Adaptations made to a bathroom.The type of work covered by an adaptation therefore depends on your particular needs. The Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) and other organisations may also provide help with adaptations to homes such as installing a stair lift.

There are two types of adaptations, categorised as 'minor' and 'major'.

An assessment by an Occupational Therapist will be required in order for some adaptations to be provided. Whether or not an occupational therapist is required to pass such works depends on the extent of the adaptations required.

Visit the NIHE website to see what kind of work is covered and what adaptations need to be referred. The NIHE website also has some further information on the role of the Occupational Therapist.

Applications and Procedures

The following links from the NIHE website will show you how to apply for adaptations if you are: