Eat Sensibly


Food is the fuel that sustains our bodies and keeps us warm. It is therefore very important to eat healthily to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Getting the balance between eating the right foods and the correct portions can sometimes be difficult and often confusing. To achieve a healthy diet, you should aim to eat a variety of foods and drink plenty of fluids.

This would include:

  • Old friends having breakfast5 portions of fruit or vegetables a day
  • Eating more starchy foods like bread, pasta, cereal and potatoes
  • Eating less fat and fatty, fried foods
  • Less salt
  • Less sugar

Try not to skip meals or snacks

As we get older we tend not to eat as much as we may have done in our younger years. Nevertheless, it is still important (if not more so) to get the right amount of nutrients and vitamins. The best way to encourage this is through a variety of snacks such as crackers, savoury biscuits topped with cheese, eggs, toasted crumpets, pancakes, yoghurt, fruit, malt loaf, fruit cake, breakfast cereals or soup.

Trouble getting to the shops?

If you have mobility or transport problems, it may be difficult for you to get out to shops especially in the colder winter months. You can keep some nourishing, basic but non-perishable foods in your cupboards and freezer. These include:

  • Milk: Long-life, evaporated or dried milk, and canned milky puddings. Cow’s milk can be frozen and later defrosted.
  • Meat and Fish: Cans of corned beef, stewed meat, ham, sardines, salmon and tuna
  • Fruit and Vegetables: A variety of canned or frozen fruits and vegetables, beans, pulses, long-life fruit juice and instant mashed potato
  • Drinks: Cocoa, malted milk and meal-replacement drinks
  • Cereals: Breakfast cereals, crackers, crispbread, oatcakes, rice, pasta and biscuits
  • Soups & Preserves: Stock cubes, gravy, honey, jam, pickles and sauces
  • Freezer Ideas: Frozen meals, bread or rolls, ice cream, fish and meat dishes

Deliveries to your door

On-line shopping may be a useful option for those of us with internet access and may be particularly useful if you have mobility or transport difficulties. You can do your supermarket shop on-line and have the groceries and goods delivered to your door. However, there is often a charge for such services.

Related Information

For further information on healthy eating and sensible drinking, contact your local GP surgery, the Food Standards Agency or Enjoy Healthy Eating websites for recipes and information on how you can maintain a healthy diet.