Assessment of Need


An assessment of need aims to gauge the needs you have and the type of help and support you require to meet those needs.

You can then be provided with services in your own home or with a placement in a care home. If you require assistance to live at home or feel you can no longer manage at home, you can ask for an assessment of need. A carer or a person who is registered disabled can also request an assessment.

The assessment of need will examine the following factors:

  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Capacity for the activities of daily living and self care
  • Abilities and lifestyle
  • The contribution of informal carers
  • Social network and support
  • Housing
  • Finance
  • Environmental factors

Below is what you need to do to get an assessment of need. We have set out how you can prepare for your assessment of need or what you can expect on being notified of its outcome.

As always, it will be useful to know what options you have if there is a delay to your assessment or no assessment at all.

How can I get an assessment of need?

There are several ways in which your need for an assessment may be triggered. You may:

  • Apply for a place in residential accommodation or in a nursing home
  • Apply for some domiciliary services
  • Be referred by your GP or a professional officer of the Trust (including hospital staff)
  • Be referred by a voluntary organisation
  • Be referred by an informal carer seeking assistance, by a relative or by some other person if they think that you have needs that are not being met

If you feel you require help at home to meet your care needs, you should contact your GP and, remember, a care assessment should be carried out free of charge.