Connecting Online


Safe internet access is a gateway to a brave, new world of information, engagement and social interaction.

A lady uses her computer.Internet access allows you to connect with family members and friends anywhere in the world as long as they are online too.

In fact, the wonders of the web mean you can connect with people of all ages and races throughout the world.

Connecting online will save you time as it will allow you to manage your bank accounts and shop from your home. Time is money after all.

Even better still, as you can shop around at the touch of a button, think of the money you can save when bargain-hunting or comparing prices between stores.

What connecting online can do for you

  • Keep in touch with family and friends for free
  • Research information on any subject imaginable
  • Save time by managing all your banking and bills online
  • Save time and money by shopping around on a whim 

Please Beware!

We all need to be careful, though, that we do not give any personal information to websites, organisations or people that we cannot trust.

Find out more about internet safety with Scamwise NI.