Apply for Carer's Allowance


There are two different claim forms for Carer's Allowance:

  • Applicants of Carer's Allowance who receive an amount of State Pension need to complete the shortened form DS700SP
  • Applicants of Care's allowance who are not in receipt of State Pension need to complete the full form DS700

Download these forms from the NI Direct website

An application pack can be obtained by contacting Disability and Carers Service on 0800 587 0912 (Text Number - 0800 012 1574) or by contacting the Benefits Enquiry helpline (helpline number- 0800 022 4250)

Forms can also be obtained from Carers Northern Ireland, telephone 028 9043 9843, who also offer a service to help you complete their Carer’s Allowance form.

Carer’s Allowance is usually paid directly into a bank, building society or post office account.

Backdating Carer’s Allowance

Carer’s Allowance can be backdated for up to 3 months if you were entitled prior to claiming it. You must request that it is backdated and satisfy the rules for claiming it during those three months. Money owed will be paid in arrears.

Decisions and Appeals

Decisions about a claim will be sent in writing. If you disagree with a decision, you have 1 month to dispute this. Either ask for a revision or lodge an appeal to a tribunal.

Seek Advice

If ever you are unsure whether or not it is to your advantage to claim Carer's Allowance, please seek the advice of a Benefits Adviser.