Other State Pension Payments


Below are the other State Pension payments to which you may be entitled:

Age Addition

All pensioners over 80 years old get an Age Addition of 25p a week.

Graduated Retirement Benefit (GRB)

GRB was an early form of earnings-related pension, intended to top-up basic pension. It is based on graduated contributions paid on earnings between 1961 and 1975 and is paid to those people who paid into the graduated pension scheme.

The entitlement is based on each unit of graduated contributions paid. Essentially every £7.50 contributed by a man, and every £9.00 contributed by a woman bought one unit. It will be paid when you claim your Basic State Pension, but can also be paid at State Pension Age even if you do not qualify for a Basic Pension.

You can delay claiming it  and earn increments in the same way as for other parts of the pension. A widow, widower or surviving civil partner can get half of any Graduated Retirement Benefit for which their spouse had qualified. Amounts of Graduated Retirement Benefit are generally very small and often paid as a lump-sum rather than weekly payments.  

Invalidity Addition (IVA)

This is paid to you if were receiving any of the following benefits any time during 8 weeks before you reach State Pension Age:

  • Invalidity Allowance with Invalidity benefit
  • Transitional Invalidity Allowance with Incapacity Benefit
  • An Age Addition (see above) with long-term Incapacity Benefit

The amount you get is the rate of Invalidity Allowance or Age Addition you were entitled to when you reached State Pension Age. However, this is off-set against an Additional State Pension or contracted-out deduction.