Reablement is a short term assessment and support service, lasting six weeks or less, which helps you to do things for yourself rather than relying on others. This will take place in your own home-setting.

The Reablement Service is made up of a Team including; Reablement Occupational Therapists and Reablement Support Workers who will support you to become more independent in daily living activities such as:
  • personal care (washing, showering/bathing);
  • getting dressed and undressed;
  • getting into and out of bed or a chair;
  • toileting and promoting continence;
  • taking your medication;
  • meal preparation;
  • moving around your home;
  • social activities, such as luncheon clubs
You can use the Reablement Service if you are over 65+ years and:
  • requiring a support package (such as a Domiciliary Care Package); or
  • need an increase in your existing support package to help you with your daily living activities; and
  • if you have experienced a crisis, such as illness, deterioration in health or sustained an injury.