There are few things to remember if you are to deal with an emergency
situation as calmly, safely and efficiently as possible.

Once you believe that a situation is critical or life-threatening, please remember:

  • Emergency telephone buttonStay calm
  • Shout for help
  • Get someone to telephone 999 or do it yourself if no-one is available to do it for you
  • Make sure the ambulance/fire/police authorities know where to come to and the details about the patient's illness or injury
  • Do not put yourself in any danger
  • Do what you can for the person who is sick or injured
  • Do not give them anything to eat or drink
  • Make sure their air passageways are clear from obstruction
  • Follow the instructions given to you by the emergency service's call handler

Remember, though, that the Emergency Services are for critical and life-threatening situations.

Emergency Links

Find your local hospital | Find your local GP

Out of hours service (if the illness or injury is not life threatening)

Mental Health Crisis

If you:

  • Are having major emotional or mental problems
  • Or you wish to talk to a trained person regarding somebody else's mental health crisis


Speak to a health professional or social worker for further information.

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