Hospital Stays


Going into hospital can be a worrying experience for all of us but do not forget, it can be a difficult time for our loved ones too.

A hospital sign.Knowing procedures and your rights and entitlements when you are going into hospital will help you feel more confident about your visit. It can also help you and your loved ones to deal with problems if ever they arise.

Similarly, we have information to help you prepare for coming out of hospital as you and your family will feel less stressed if you know that arrangements are in place for your return home.

You may be admitted to hospital as either:

  • An outpatient who has an appointment to see a consultant but you don't need a hospital bed 
  • A day patient who needs a hospital bed for tests or surgery but not for an overnight stay 
  • An inpatient who needs a hospital bed for tests or surgery and an overnight stay 

Related Information

Find your local hospital at the Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland website.

If you need to see a specialist, you will be referred to the nearest hospital that provides the specific service.