Extra-Care Housing


As well as sheltered housing, extra care housing is available for people with a higher level of care needs.

Extra-care housing is also known as "very sheltered housing" and is beneficial if you have difficulty managing on your own but do not require the level of help provided in a care or nursing home.

Very sheltered housing was developed in response to a demand for sheltered housing (non-institutional housing) which offers similar levels of care to a care or nursing home. It allows you to have a 'home for life' rather than transferring you to a care or nursing home if your care needs increase.

Very sheltered housing schemes typically provide accommodation with care and support, with staff helping with care, assistance, meals and domestic tasks. The schemes can be of great help if you: 

  • Have a learning disability
  • Have mental health problems
  • Have a physical disability (including degenerative and debilitating illness)
  • Have drug or alcohol related problems
  • Are leaving a penal establishment, referred by the probation service or at risk of offending;
  • Have AIDS or HIV disease
  • Are becoming frailer with age (most schemes are open to those age 60+)