Drink Sensibly


Drinking at least 2 litres of fluids a day is highly recommended for people of all ages as it will stop dehydration and can help you stay focused and alert.

The two litres of fluids that you should be drinking each day can be a combination of hot and cold drinks and does not always have to be water It can be tea, coffee or squash for example.

Alcohol and your health

Guidelines state that alcohol should be taken in moderation as too much can cause serious health problems including damage to the liver as well as the social problems we see around us.

Older people should be extremely cautious as they are more at risk of alcohol due to the reduced capacity for the nervous system to tolerate it and the dangers of mixing it with prescribed medication. 

Regardless of age, we all should drink sensibly and adhere to the following guidelines as advised by the Department of Health, Social Service and Public Safety (DHSSPS):

  • Women are advised to drink no more than 2/3 units (a glass of wine) of alcohol a day
  • Men are advised to drink no more than 3 to 4 units (1 to 2 pints of beer) a day

Alcohol abuse

Drinking above these limits can cause significant risk to your physical health and mental well-being. It may even lead to alcohol abuse.

Related Information

For further advice on alcohol consumption or abuse, contact your GP surgery or groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (Northern Ireland) on 028 9043 4848.

You can find out more information on NI Direct.