Money Matters


Being well equipped to manage your money is of vital importance in later life whatever your source of income or personal circumstances.

A older man looks at a sign which reads "Road Ahead".Older people’s finances can be placed under a lot of strain due to increased reliance on social security benefits, rising electricity and home heating costs, and following on from significant life changes such as bereavement, health problems and retirement.

Even if you are managing your finances more comfortably, there is always more to learn and any improvements to your money management skills will only enhance your quality of life and make your money go further.

Our Building Resilience in Retirement project aimed to improve the financial capability of older people through a digital inclusion training programme. 

The course comprised of six two-hour modules on developing digital literacy and as part of this project we developed 2 short videos which demonstrate how a digital inclusion training programme can help people manage their money better. 

Video 1: Learn How to be Money Savvy

Advice NI Robert and Dolly from Advice NI on Vimeo.


Video 2: Managing Money in Later Life

Advice NI Training with captions from Advice NI on Vimeo.


Further Information

You can read the full evaluation report from the Building Resilience in Retirement project as well as the report for our other older person's project Supporting Active Engagement.