Social Housing


You may choose to move into social housing, if you are not already a tenant of a social landlord such as the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) or a Housing Association.

Your entitlement to social housing will depend on your individual circumstances.

Sometimes, in the worst case scenario, a move into social housing is out of necessity rather than choice. For example, you may be deemed homeless if you are living in an unfit property, you are living temporarily with family or you have no home after a relationship breakdown. In these cases, social housing is your best option.

The NIHE website signposts the routes to accessing social housing and begins with how to apply for a home. They include information on the application process and what to do if you are in emergency need.

Allocation of social housing is based on a “points” system that measures individual need. Again, the NIHE website discusses how the housing selection scheme works and has produced a handy Housing Selection Scheme booklet (PDF 630 KB)  for you to download or print.

Otherwise, call them directly on 03448 920 900 for further information.

A single application will suffice for the NIHE or a Housing Association in your area.

Also, if you are already a social housing tenant and you are looking to transfer to another social rented home, you will need to complete the Housing/Transfer Application form. Contact your own social landlord for further details.