You may find that you have the time to take on a new challenge. You may want others to benefit from your experience or to learn new skills yourself. All the while you can meet new friends and have fun. 

A group of volunteers.

Volunteering allows you to give back to your local community a little of what you have learned throughout your life. It also returns great benefits to you as an individual. There are many physical and mental health benefits of volunteering even if it is just for a few hours a week.

Volunteering helps you re-connect with your community and create networks amongst new friends that you will meet. It will help you combat isolation as well as exercising your mind, body and soul. You will feel more confident and self-assured as you learn new skills.

Where can I volunteer?

Ask at your local community group for more details or visit our good friends at Volunteer Now who have volunteer sections throughout Northern Ireland. They are friendly and will accommodate your needs as a volunteer.

Age NI, who have helped guide the Rights 4 Seniors project from the beginning, also offer a host of volunteering opportunities regardless of your background or skill-sets.  

Advice NI have various volunteering opportunities. You can find more information here.

Do it online

Check out Volunteer Now's Online Volunteering Search. It allows you to see what volunteering opportunities are available close to your home.