Contributions Over Pension Age


You are not required to pay contributions once you reach State Pension Age.

Therefore women born before 5th April 1950 are not required to pay National Insurance Contributions (NICs) once they are 60 or over. Women born between 6th April 1950 and 6th December 1953 will have a State Pension age between 60 and 65 and will cease to pay contributions when they reach State Pension Age.

However, some men who are not in employment and between the ages of 60-65 may receive auto-credits to protect their contribution record up until they are abolished in 2020. The right to receive auto-credits is being phased out in line with the increase in State Pension Age for women.

Therefore as the Sate Pension Age for women rises, for example to 61, men will only receive auto-credits for four years, from 61 to 65. Auto-credits are not awarded to people who have self-employed liability record on their National Insurance records. For information on the rise of State Pension Age, see our section on understanding Basic State Pension.

Anyone who is over State Pension age does not have to pay Class 1 or Class 2 NICs, except on earnings that should have been paid before State Pension Age.