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We will not be providing face-to-face advice or training for the foreseeable future. We will contact existing advice clients by phone. Our staff will continue to support our members and can be reached via telephone and email as usual.

We are working hard to move our training, where possible, to digital. For any queries, please contact our training team at [email protected]

We can only provide advice to people living in Northern Ireland. 

Helpline contact details:

Welfare Changes ring 0808 802 0020 or email [email protected]
Tax & Benefits ring 0800 988 2377 or email [email protected]
Business Debt ring 0800 083 8018 or email [email protected]
Debt Action ring 0800 028 1881 or email [email protected]
EU Settlement Scheme ring 0800 138 6545 or email [email protected]
For Historical Institutional Abuse advice and support call 02890 645919 email [email protected]

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Rights 4 Seniors is a massive social justice project created by Advice NI and funded by Atlantic Philanthropies.

It is a vital rights reference for older people in Northern Ireland as well as those who work with or care for them. As well as great support from Advice NI’s member organisations, the project brings together a wealth of expertise in the Age Sector including Access to Benefits, Age NI, Age Sector Platform, CARDI, Engage with Age and Belfast City Council.

The website is based on extensive research (PDF 1.3MB) throughout Northern Ireland in 2010.

Advice NI

Advice NI is a membership organisation that exists to promote, support and develop the independent advice sector across Northern Ireland. It acts as an umbrella body for approximately sixty five members, offering them a single voice and the power of one when a smaller organisation, on its own, would not be heard. Far beyond the strength of a network, Advice NI facilitates the great work that each member organisation performs even down to the ICT packages, case management software and the Professional Indemnity available to each. It leaves your organisation free to do the job that it was set-up to do – advise those that need impartial and independent advice the most.

Membership details here

We are also an established training provider, accredited with the Open University, for example, to offer National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) in Advice and Guidance. We also offer a range of training courses in money advice training called Wiser Adviser that is helping to answer the ever increasing need for debt advice amongst families that have been financially crippled by this recession.

In fact, this site is based upon research and work that fed into our successful Older Person’s Adviser’s Course, Advantage.

We offer a range of training courses focused on the issues that older people face.

Our members are perfectly placed to know the advisory needs of individuals, local communities and the socially excluded. They see the effects of policy decisions on ordinary people. An ever important aspect of the work that we do, therefore, is social policy. Advice NI gives a voice to those who bear the brunt of social welfare initiatives and who are driven to seek advice from our members. In this way, we can help join the big debate and inform the decision-makers.

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Advice NI's vision is of a society of confident, informed, and active citizens who can access their rights and entitlements.

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Mission Statement

Advice NI's mission is to develop an independent advice sector that provides the best possible advice to those who need it most.

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Our Values

Advice NI holds a set of core values which are central to both what we do and how we do it. These values guide us in our work as a membership organisation and as a staff team and influence how we engage with our wider range of stakeholders.

  • We respect and promote the independence and diversity of our membership
  • We address and represent the needs and interests of our members in a fair, flexible and equitable way.
  • We are accountable and transparent in all our work and actively seek ways to include our stakeholders.
  • We provide a quality, professional and relevant service to our members.
  • We promote a community development approach in all our work
  • We work in creative and collaborative ways in the interests of all our members and those they serve.
  • We promote equality, social justice and well-being
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